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We are professional booksellers, having logged in more than 25 years apiece at Barnes & Noble (Matt), and B & N, (a brief ugly stint at) Crown, a long time at my beloved Borders, and then back to B & N again (Kath). Yes, it's where we met, in 1995. This is our side hustle; we have day jobs in publishing (Kath) and educational software (Matt), too.

We started selling online around the time we moved in together and realized that we had no room for more bookcases... circa 2002ish? Neither of us can remember. When we started out, we were Sleepyside Books, specializing in vintage children's books and juvenile series, and modern first editions. During a period where we had to put the business on hold, we lost our domain name, but you can still find us under that moniker name on eBay, Amazon, and Biblio.


Kath specializes in children's literature.